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The Bar-B-Q Pit has one of the best fundraisers in Berks County!

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Bar-B-Q Pit Fundraisers Program


Fundraiser for Organizations

The Bar-B-Q Pit has been serving the best BBQ in Berks County for many years and now we have one of the smartest fundraisers. The main product of the fundraiser is BBQ chicken and BBQ pork sandwich platters; however the concept differs from BBQ chicken fundraisers. The tickets sold, (provided by the organization), ARE NOT redeemable on ONE specific date, your organization chooses an amount of time for the fundraiser to last. The beginning and expiration dates are printed on the tickets and the buyer can come to the Bar-B-Q Pit during that time and receive their dinner. We are open 7 days a week, serving food from 11am to 1:30am ! They can have even pick it up at our drive-thru !!

Your organization picks up and pays for the tickets on a weekly by weekly or monthly basis.
We charge you $5.95 a ticket and you only pay for the tickets that are redeemed. You do not pay in advance and you do not pay for tickets that have not been redeemed. There is no minimum ticket amount, therefore this fundraiser is perfect for organizations of all sizes .... 10 to 10,000! 

We believe this "no risk" fundraiser will be the most convenient and lucrative one your organization could participate in. We know this concept works because a little league softball organization that did this in the past raised close to twelve thousand dollars !!! 
I look forward to answering any questions you or your organization members might have. Please feel free to call with any inquiries. Our Chickens look forwarding to working for you !!!
Thank you for your time !
Eleni Dellgiannis, Fundraiser Coordinator

Important Points About Bar-B-Q PIT Fundraiser

Time is not of the essence
The tickets are not redeemable on just one specific date.
Your organization chooses a time span (i.e June 1st, 2017 to August 30th, 2017).
The tickets are redeemable for that allotted time span at The Bar-B-Q Pit Monday-Sunday, from 11am to 1:30am.

Ticket sales can last as long as you choose
Prospective ticket buyers cannot allege they will be away the day of the event.
Ticket redeemers can enjoy they dinners in our dining area, or they can have it packaged to go.
They can even pick it up at our Drive-Thru!

Size doesn't matter
There is no minimum number of ticket sales required.
There is no limit put on how many tickets you sell.
You are only charged for the tickets that are redeemed.
You pay for nothing in advance.

Party Menu!

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